We see the hope and potential in every young person

Foundational Statements

Target Audience

Our primary target audience is youth ages 10 through 19.

Mission Statement

As members of the Christian community, YFC/Youth Unlimited exists to help young people throughout Southwestern Ontario attain their full life potential, showing love and care for their whole person, and encouraging them to serve God as fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Core Values

These core values represent the heart of our mission; the reasons underlying everything we do. These help define our organization and ministries.

God-Centred: Spirit-led and empowered, Christ incarnating, committed to furthering the Kingdom

Biblically-Based: Guiding all thinking and actions in life and work

Prayer-Dependent: Only through God’s direction can we be effective

Church-Committed: Fully engaged in the body of Christ both locally and globally

Wholistically-Evangelistic: Addressing the whole-person in the sharing of the Gospel

Servant-Based: Thinking and caring for others ahead of self

Relationship-Focused: Treating everyone with grace and respect, offering trust and hope, and providing a helping hand regardless of race, faith or culture

Integrity in all things: Upright and honest, committed to wise stewardship, transparent and accountable

Guiding Principles

These guiding principles are specific to the development of programs and services:

Youth Wholeness: We go to where youth are found. We seek to foster them in whole-person development – physical, emotional, spiritual, social, intellectual. We seek to restore hope and encourage youth toward fully realizing their potential in the context of mentoring relationships and communities of care, and to advocate for their needs.

Staff Wholeness: We strive to facilitate team and individual development of staff and volunteers in spiritual formation, knowledge, skill, gifting, leadership, personal and family relationships.

Relevancy and Effectiveness: We strive to be strategic in our vision and entrepreneurial in our response, utilizing diversity in programming and doing ongoing evaluation so as to be relevant and effective in reaching a wide-range of youth.

Community Engagement: We seek to mobilize the Christian community and to partner with those who are like-minded in order to optimize a coordinated response to youth needs.